President Greeting

Our slogan is “Discovering new value through infinite ideas.” In today’s business world, being able to come up with innovative ideas and solutions are the keys to progress into the future. The term “infinite ideas” is what it takes us to a position of exceeding our clients’ expectations. This is our commitment which differentiates our company from others.
We have been providing high value added solutions in the field of “Monozukuri,” a Japanese tradition of high-standard manufacturing. In 2017, we work on large scale automatic-measurement solutions based on German technologies to realize Industry 4.0 with Japan’s finest robotic technologies. In the 3D printing and additive manufacturing field, we work on two of new trends to expand our business in this field; one is large scale 3D printing, and the other is to provide small scaled high-precision 3D printers which utilizes the "one printer per designer" business model.
We plan to aggressively approach solutions for IoT by gathering, transmitting, and sorting data with the use of AI analytics. Since in recent years, the storage capacity that supports “BIG DATA” has dramatically improved, we view the importance of virtualizing its storage, networks, and servers.
In February 2016, we have launched Cloudest, a public cloud service for enterprises, aiming to enhance the functions of their IT infrastructure. We constantly adapt new technologies to provide the best security solution. We will also focus on the fields of Omni-channel solution, cloud computing, speech recognition and automatic response for contact centers. Furthermore, we will start to build specific solutions for industries such as medical and healthcare, IoT, work environment, cloud service, as well as others that anticipates our customer needs while working on developing new technologies and train engineers for specific solutions.
In 2015, We introduced “ing17” (short for “infinite growth 2017”). This is our medium-term management plan with three key issues; to become more customer-oriented, to expand the service-oriented business model, and to enhance collaboration within the MSYS-group. Keeping these ideals in mind moves us forward to the bright future.
We believe our foundation lies in our commitment to meet customers with sincerity and earnestness so they could feel secure working with MSYS. We are committed to be our customers’ best partner through our untiring efforts, and to the attitude that nothing is impossible if all of us at MSYS work as a single team and take on our challenges with devotion.

Executive Vice President & CEO(Acting)
Ryoichi Watanabe

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