President Greeting

Japan’s economy continues on a path of steady recovery underpinned by strong improvements in corporate revenue and employment. In the IT industry, we see increasing demands in renewal investments to improve productivity and streamlining operations in manufacturing, finance, and logistics. There are also demands to invest in IT to strategically innovate work styles, reinforce business, and to continue being competitive. These demands have encouraged companies to make larger investments. While strategic IT investment demands are expected to grow steadily, businesses that adapt to ever-changing market through new technologies such as cloud computing, virtual reality, mobile solutions, IoT and AI are expected to grow as well.

Amidst these changes in the IT industry, Marubeni Information Systems offers services and solutions in 3D printers, 3D measurement devices and for the IT infrastructure. As a new business domain, we provide Cloudest, a public cloud service for enterprises offered by the Marubeni Group, as well as SaaS-based security solutions. In the fields of mobile solutions, IoT and AI, we deliver solutions such as health management and monitoring solutions with core regional hospitals, data analysis for manufacturers, population health management for enterprises, and cyber security solutions for industrial control systems. We have also started a cloud-based AI solutions with voice recognition as a gateway for CRM businesses. Regarding the nation-led workstyle innovation, we deliver RPA, enterprise search engines, and video communication solutions to improve productivity.

As a close partner to our customers, “Infinite ideas” is our company concept which comes from our spirit to become a “company to create new business value with infinite ideas”. With FY2018 being the beginning year for our new mid-term business plan, we will strive to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations by helping them create new value with a customer-centric approach and an eye on the future.

President & CEO
Ryoichi Watanabe

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