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Bondtech develops and supplies manufacturing system for Semiconductor, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) devices and nanoimprint, with proprietary ultra high accurate alignment technology. Our advanced system achieved Ten Nanometer alignment with Piezo-6axis alignment system and the recognition system called “MagicVision” to precisely recognize position image by infrared-transparent .
Under the guidance by Professor Tadatomo Suga of Tokyo University who has leaded the surface activated room temperature bonding technology, which is the key technology to semiconductor three-dimensional multilayer method, we developed the bonding process system at the wafer-level with surface activation technology. By this technology, it can be realized that mass-production of three-dimensional LSI, low temperature (around 150℃) wafer or chip bonding in low vacuum or in the air. Its bonding technology helps to make MEMS hybrid devise. We select better surface activation bonding techniques most suitable to bond different semiconductor materials such as Au, Cu, Si and glass. *2)Conventional photolithography semiconductor manufacturing has come to the limitation in the high integration and speed for the electric circuit. Bondtech’s technology helps semiconductor wafer / chip bonding and three-dimensional LSI mass-production. MEMS device has structural movable parts. The bonding technology provides easier integration with electric circuit. Previously it is difficult to integrate on a chip in mass-production manufacturing line because the material is deferent. Bondtech also has been developing nano-in-print that is nanometer pattern transcriptional equipment by photo-polymer. In the near future it is expected that existing photolithography method would be transferred to nano-in-print method in semiconductor / MEMS manufacturing technology, and three-dimensional stacking by wafer bonding technology. With our technology, customer just changes stepper to nano-in-print, and applying wafer bonding technology at the end of front-end wafer processing equipment, then gets the advance manufacturing technology without changing production method.
代表取締役社長 山内朗
I established Bondtech that a company has the unique and proprietary technology, started from a venture-incubate-room after “Sozo” law authorization by Japanese government. Clear decision in offense and defense helped the company to grow in investment for the research and development with cost reduction at the same time. Always improving the own strengths over the others, maintaining the speed as our company’s lifeline, we have executed forward developing the new fields.

The strength of bondtech is not an equipment supplier but a member of the research consortium which helps to determine the future of the research activities. We sometimes make a proposal by ourselves from the live information.

We are based on “fab-less” and made up by a few members to be the best players.
Company name Bondtech Co., Ltd.
Establishment 21, April, 2004
Paid-in Capital 47 million yen
President Akira Yamauchi
Address Head quarters: 77, Kisshoin Ishihara Nishimachi, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-8366, Japan
TEL:+81-75-748-6180 FAX:+81-75-748-6179
Description of Business Bondtech has developed a surface activated, low temperature (room temperature) bonding process and bonding equipment, under the guidance of Tokyo University Professor Suga. In particular, this process and equipment are aimed at switching normal temperature bonding technology which has been conventionally possible only in ultra high vacuum to mass production bonding at atmospheric and low-vacuum levels. For the bonding equipment, ultra high precision alignment technology of the sub-micron table by Piezo-6axis alignment system and Magic Vision, has been achieved in the low-temperature bonding process at the wafer-level. Even in the surface activation process, four different kinds of processes that depend on materials such as Si, glass, compound semiconductors, and metals, are proposed.
History of development High precision Chip Aligner“CW1000” Anodic Bonder with Fine Alignment in Vacuum for Vacuum Lock of Wafer“WA1000” Surface Activated Wafer Bonding Kit for R&D “WP-100” Plasma Surface Activated Bonding Cassette to Cassette Full Automation System, for Mass Production “WS1000” NEDO 2006-2007 Grant for Venture Project “20nm Precision Alignment” Ultra High Vacuum Surface Activated Bonding System “SAB1000” Automatic Tensile Tester in Vacuum  “NI1000”
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