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SCA-1000 provides High accurate flip-chip bondingin Atmosphere for multiple bonding methods (Au bump, Solder, Flux).Especially, with plasma treatment unit, it is suitable for optical applications, MEMS packaging.


This is bonding kit for R&D with plasma treatment and bonder unit. WP-100 is available for sequential process able to room temperature bonding, and hybrid bonding of low temperature void-less bonding.


Alignment accuracy achieves submicron (within 0.2µm) of high precision in vacuum. After annealing and degasifying in vacuum chamber, fine positioning bonding is available. This WI-1000 has anodic electrode. Ion beam option for activation, UV stage option for UV Imprint function, and version up to WS-1000 are available.


Submicron order alignment is achieved using piezoelectric actuator. Fast response ceramic heater.


This bonder can bond all materials in the ultrahigh vacuum and room temperature by plasma, emitting Ar ion or atom beam. WAP-100 has submicron bonding alignment accuracy with Piezo-6axis alignment system and Magic Vision in ultra high vacuum. Vacuum Transfer is available as an additional option.


Alignment accuracy achieves submicron (within 0.2µm) of high precision in vacuum. WS-1000 can be applied to sequential process that enables room temperature bonding or hybrid bonding with void-less on low temperature. In addition, WS-1000 is suitable for Au-Au sealing or metallic bonding with surface activation by Ar plasma bombardment.

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