• In many areas including server, storage, network, security and mobile, we provide IT platforms that support various applications through the use of our advanced capability to configure foundation systems.

  • For our customers in automotive, electric and semiconductor manufacturing fields, we provide high-value added solutions that revolutionize your design, development and manufacturing processes. Our solutions include 3D printers, digitizers and CAM for machine-based design and manufacturing systems; inspections systems that support semiconductor mass production; and many other electronic systems.

  • We offer a wide range of contact center solutions that maximize the satisfaction of your customers, based on our leading-edge technology and knowledge we have accumulated over the many years from various business fields. We also provide All-in-one ICT network solutions ranging from construction, operation to support.

  • We provide entire strategic solutions that form the core of your business through the use of the latest technologies and products, and our extensive operational knowledge. We offer the highest level of support for optimizing your operations, based on our best practices.

  • We provide high quality iDC services, based on robust data center infrastructure and specialized expertise that we have accumulated across a broad range of business fields.