President Greeting

The Japanese economy is in gradual recovery backed by steady improvements in corporate revenue and employment. In the IT sector, we have seen an increase of companies in need of solutions to improve their productivity and efficiency as well as strategy-related IT solutions to enhance their corporate advantages by bringing innovation to the workplace and strengthening their businesses, and their investments for them are increasing as well. Considering the upward trend for strategic IT investments will presumably continue, we see great potential in digital transformation with the use of AI, IoT and other cutting edge technologies.

Amidst these changes in the IT industry, we will endeavor in AI and IoT as new fields to expand business with our advanced technology we have cultivated over the years. We have created new value by integrating new technology to existing businesses. In the CRM field, we have started a cloud-based AI service called OMNIS with the use of voice recognition, and have also begun to introduce AI and IoT for data analysis for the manufacturing.

To take part in the Work-style Innovation in Japan, we will provide RPA software to support and automate workload in the office, as well as enterprise search engines and video communication tools to bring in efficiency to the workplace. For the manufacturing sector, we have added metal 3D printers to our 3D printing solution lineup.

To be a trusted partner to our customers, “Infinite Ideas” is our company concept to “create new business value with infinite ideas.” We will strive to meet and surpass customer expectations by helping them create this new value with a customer-focused approach and supporting them to succeed continuously over the years.

President & CEO
Ryoichi Watanabe

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