Although prospects for Japan's economy are uncertain due to heightened geopolitical risks starting with the situation in Ukraine, rising prices of resources, inflation and so on, ICT investment continues to grow thanks to initiatives for realizing digital reform of business models (digital transformation/DX) in domestic companies. Since the demand for strategic ICT aimed at reinforcing business and securing competitiveness can also be anticipated, we expect steady performance to continue.

As a member of the Marubeni I-DIGIO Group, we will create synergy with companies in the same group as well as making continuous efforts on cloud services, AI and IoT, and leverage various data acquired through our businesses to aim for the creation of further business value. In the area of cloud services, we are providing original application services, expanding our cloud integration business and hybrid cloud operation service, launching new services on our IoT platform, and advancing deployment of business in the digital health field based on data collection and analysis on our cloud platform. Also, for our manufacturing customers, we are focusing efforts on new initiatives such as enhancing manufacturing efficiency based on cyber-physical engineering, creating next-generation digital solutions including work monitoring by image AI, developing the cyber security business for the manufacturing industry, and more.

As a partner that can always be trusted by customers, we imbue our corporate concept of "Infinite Ideas" with the unwavering intention to be "a company that creates new business values with limitless ideas". Taking the viewpoint of customers, while looking one step beyond, we will continue striving to become a partner that provides customer satisfaction under the corporate ideal of "Making 1 from zero with dreams and passion".

President & CEO
Fumio Ueda